Are you a woman living a physically active lifestyle or dealing with anxiety, stress or pain?


I'm Jodi Anderson; I specialize in holistic health and therapeutic massage for women in all life stages who want to take the best care of their bodies. Many of my clients love to be physically active and want to stay flexible or become more limber; I love helping them achieve their goals! I also specialize in other aspects of women's health and would love to be able to help you deal with stress, pain, anxiety, PMS, fertility problems, postpartum related concerns or menopause.

Anxiety, stress or pain is more than just anxiety, stress or pain. It flows into your 'everyday', throws you off emotionally and prevents you from being fully active in your life.

I can help you.

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Let me help. I can help you stop the cycle of anxiety and stress to allow your mind, body and soul some peace. I can help you find the path to relief from the pain so you can be more active in your life. I can help you unwind those tight muscles so you feel more freedom in your body. I truly care so much about each of my clients and their well-being; Let me help you heal through therapeutic massage.


About Jodi...

Why Choose Jodi Anderson as Your Massage Therapist?



  • I am in charge of my own schedule and don't overbook myself.  I leave plenty of room between massages for breaks so I feel rested and rejuvenated---each and every person who comes to see me gets my very best. I only allow 2-3 massages on my schedule on any given day; I don't "crank out" as many sessions as physically possible---which means you're guaranteed to always get a thorough, high quality and focused massage. You'll never get the "bottom of the barrel" session from me. A happy and healthy therapist is a helpful therapist!


  •  I have over 2,500 combined hours of training in massage therapy techniques (including parasympathetic NS relaxation {to aid in deep stress relief} massage, neuromuscular therapy, prenatal & postnatal care massage, infant massage, special population massage, and SOON to add Ashiatsu!), anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, palpation of anatomy, nutrition, aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I specialize in and continue to learn about helping those who want to give the best to their bodies, athletes, people in pain, as well as those who suffer from deep stress and anxiety---so you can rest assured you have a knowledgeable and competent therapist to help you heal.


  • I use completely natural products and very strict sanitization measures. From massage oil/lotion to laundry detergent for the linens, you won't find any harsh chemicals anywhere in my treatment room, but germs won't be left in their place.


  • I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, and adhere to a professionally recognized code of ethics and standards of practice, and am committed to continuing my professional education and development.

Hi, I'm Jodi Anderson. I grew up in Bosstown, Wisconsin with my parents and older brother. After I graduated from high school, I moved to Madison, WI where I earned my degree in business. I met my husband, Kirk, in Madison and shortly there-after we took over the Anderson family health food store and herbal medicine shop. I fell in love with learning about natural medicine and helping others learn about the healing power of herbs and essential oils. That new found love encouraged my decision to go back to school to learn more about natural healing --- with massage therapy. Come and see me, I know I can help you find a path to a happy, healthy and pain-free life.