Massage for Fertility


Help Your Fertility Flourish!

When you're ready to start a family or grow it bigger, there is nothing more frustrating and emotionally taxing than excitedly waiting to take a pregnancy test, getting your hopes up and having it turn out "negative" month after month.


Please don't lose hope. There is help! There are many reasons that it may be difficult to become pregnant, but rest assured that most of those reasons can be helped naturally and safely through massage therapy.


Massage has been used for hundreds of years to help women boost their chances of conception. Fertility massage coaxes a woman's body to heal naturally by effecting the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes as well as the intestines, liver and stomach.


Fertility massage will boost your chances of conception because it:


  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus

  • Promotes hormonal balance

  • Helps to break up scar tissue

  • Helps to bring fresh blood to the uterus

  • Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones

  • Increases circulation to the uterus & cervix

  • Improves endocrine system communication

  • Encourages the liver to get rid of excess hormones

  • Helps the body to rid itself of old stagnant blood and tissues more efficiently

Why does it help?


The uterus is located behind the bladder in the bottom of the pelvic cavity. Fertility massage helps a uterus that has become tilted, compressed by fecal impacted intestines, and lack of circulation. The main artery that supplies the uterus with blood also supplies the legs with blood. If you lead a sedentary or stressful life the circulation could easily be compromised. There are many other reasons the uterus may not be getting enough circulation such as twisted fallopian tubes, congestion, tight fascia, inflammation, endometrial tissues, scar tissues, or past surgeries to the area.


The ovaries are located in front of the uterus, next to the pelvic bone. Fertility massage may be helpful to the ovaries by bringing fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the eggs.


The fallopian tubes are attached to the sides of the uterus. Fertility massage is very helpful in coaxing the body to clear blocked tubes and helping to loosen scar tissue in the reproductive system.


Massaging the stomach is important for helping digestion and reducing stress. You may notice once we start the massage that your stomach may feel hard to the touch or tight. A lot of people hold stress in their stomachs. Also, it is believed that hormonal balance starts in the digestive system.


Intestinal massage is important for general health and fertility. By massaging the intestines we are helping your body to eliminate feces that may be stuck or impacted. Digestive and intestine health is very important for fertility. Many of the nutrients are absorbed from food in the upper intestines. In addition fecal impacted intestines can become heavy and put unnecessary weight on the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.


Length and Frequency of Sessions...


Fertility massage is most effective as a holistic, full-body treatment every 1-4 weeks. While working just the abdominal area is helpful (as would be done in a 30 minute treatment), I strongly recommend choosing at least 60 minutes for your fertility massage. This way, your body has plenty of time to relax deeply, and the massage can be slow and thorough. Stress is a big factor with having trouble conceiving, and the longer you've been trying the more stressed you might be! Massage is known to increase levels of serotonin which promotes calmness, reduces stress and anxiety and even helps you sleep. Aromatherapy can increase the effectiveness of therapeutic massage, but only a select few essential oils are available for fertility massage, because many are not safe for pregnant women.

You Should Know...


When you come in for your first appointment, I'll have you fill out a "New Client Intake Form" so I can learn about your health and lifestyle. We'll have a short chat before your massage so I can tailor your session specifically to your needs. I want you to get the most out of your treatment so you can experience the full benefit of receiving therapeutic massage.


During this short consultation, I'll ask you a few questions regarding your pressure preference, where you've been experiencing any pain or soreness and if you need me to focus on any areas (ie: more time on the neck and shoulders, deeper work on the feet, shooting pain in the lower back, etc). Please share any details about your day to day life (ie: frequently carrying a baby, sitting for hours at a time, arduous physical activity, etc) so I can provide the best possible massage treatment for you.


And of course, please let me know if you're uncomfortable during the massage in any way. I'll check in occasionally (more often for new clients) but if the music is too loud/quiet, the room is too warm/cold or the pressure of the massage is too light/deep, or anything else you can think of, let me know. This is your time, and your treatment should be tailored exactly to your preference.