Wellness Massage

Receive Massage Regularly for Optimal Health


Receiving massage regularly is good for you. That's great! As though we need a reason to convince ourselves to make an appointment, right?! Getting a massage feels awesome, but what does "good for you" really mean?


The feel-good effects of massage are cumulative, which means the more often you go, the better you'll feel. Why should you invest your time in a massage? Not only are massages good for your muscles, especially after a long week of dealing with life, but getting a massage also helps the rest of your body and your mind. Getting massage on a regular basis has been proven to help you relax, relieve pain and tension, and de-stress. Keeping up with your massage appointments will also help you stay flexible and be less prone to injuries from repetitive motion or overuse of your muscles; And while it hasn't been backed by scientific studies (yet), experts in the holistic health field claim that massage boosts the immune system and helps your body ward off sickness and disease.


And let's be honest. Getting a massage is pretty much the best thing ever.

You Should Know...


When you come in for your first appointment, I'll have you fill out a "New Client Intake Form" so I can learn about your health and lifestyle. We'll have a short chat before your massage so I can tailor your session specifically to your needs. I want you to get the most out of your treatment so you can experience the full benefit of receiving therapeutic massage.


During this short consultation, I'll ask you a few questions regarding your pressure preference, where you've been experiencing any pain or soreness and if you need me to focus on any areas (ie: more time on the neck and shoulders, deeper work on the feet, shooting pain in the lower back, etc). Please share any details about your day to day life (ie: frequently carrying a baby, sitting for hours at a time, arduous physical activity, etc) so I can provide the best possible massage treatment for you.


And of course, please let me know if you're uncomfortable during the massage in any way. I'll check in occasionally (more often for new clients) but if the music is too loud/quiet, the room is too warm/cold or the pressure of the massage is too light/deep, or anything else you can think of, let me know. This is your time, and your treatment should be tailored exactly to your preference.